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When it comes to the used cars for sale in Kokomo, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more trusted brand than Toyota. After all, used Toyotas have a well-deserved reputation for quality, efficiency, and intelligent technology that owners love. And TruWorth Auto has an impressive reputation of its own. In business since 2011, we’ve made our mark with incredible customer service and a commitment to helping folks save both time and money. That’s why we attract local customers from A (for Avon) to Z (for Zionsville), along with shoppers from throughout northern Indiana and right up into Chicagoland and beyond. TruWorth makes it easy to get started almost anywhere, too, with clean and convenient stores in Carmel as well as Kokomo, plus an online showroom you can access from the comfort of your home or office.

Transparency, value, and fantastic used cars all come together at TruWorth Auto.


TruWorth takes a comprehensive approach to simplify the used-car shopping process, highlighted by our special ONE PRICE, BEST PRICE strategy: We do significant research to carefully put the best prices possible on our used cars right from the start, so you don’t have to waste time and effort haggling to get a great deal. Nor do you have to worry about hidden fees or paying for sales-staff commissions. TruWorth doesn’t believe in either. Instead, we rely on honest business practices and salaried sales professionals.

Yet when you also note that our used-car prices open as low as $2,000, it’s obvious that we still have some of the most affordable used cars for sale in Kokomo.

Low down payments — beginning at $250 — and extensive financing options can take even more of the hassle and expense out of the equation.

In addition, we select only the finest used cars for our inventory, and we back them up with free Carfax reports and access to Kelley Blue Book’s online vehicle valuation tools. This lets you see how much value you’re getting for yourself. Want to see how you can get paid twice for your current used car? With our unique SHARES program, we’ll pay you once when we first buy your car — even if you don’t buy from us — and TruWorth will then pay you a second time after your car sells to its next owner. We’ve rewarded folks with more than $1.5 million through our SHARES program already, and we’re ready to give you your share as well.

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Another factor driving Toyota’s success is its ongoing ability to offer innovations for comfort, safety, efficiency, and performance. Of course, a lot of the same benefits can also be found in used Toyotas, only with a lower price tag. The brand’s Safety Sense driver-assistance technology, for example, can be found on a number of different used Toyotas to help keep owners out of harm’s way. Used Toyotas can also raise the bar with remarkable luxury cues and intelligent infotainment features. It’s no wonder so many drivers consider used Toyotas to be the top used cars for sale in Kokomo. Just keep in mind that exact equipment can vary by model and model year.

  • Modern drivers demand modern connectivity, and many used Toyotas can deliver with WiFi compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa compatibility, full-color navigation, large touchscreens, wireless charging, and voice recognition.
  • Staying safer gets easier in used Toyota trucks, SUVs, and cars that supply intelligent driver-assistance from adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, automatic high beams, blind-spot monitors, rear cross-traffic alert, head-up displays, digital instrument panels, digital rearview mirrors, and more.
  • Used Toyotas can make family travel less of a hassle with rear media systems for movies, gaming, music, and other entertainment resources.
  • Whether you prefer the track or the trail, the brand’s used cars can come with factory upgrades from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) for improved performance even enthusiasts can appreciate.
  • Make the most of mainstream luxury in used Toyotas with high-grade leather heated/ventilated seats, heated leather steering wheels, genuine wood trim, concert-level JBL audio, signature LED lighting, hands-free access, and panoramic sunroofs.
  • A hybrid pioneer, Toyota continues to advance its efficiency technologies so that even its used cars can have excellent fuel economy.


The extensive Toyota lineup means the brand has used cars for sale in Kokomo that can fit almost anyone’s needs, budgets, and preferences. But remember, with TruWorth Auto, you’re not limited to our Kokomo inventory. We also have a facility in Carmel with its own stock of used cars that are available to any of our customers. TruWorth’s years of experience shipping vehicles can come into play with free home deliveries, so be sure to ask about the details.

  • Starting small and standing proud, Toyota’s bold SUVs like the Toyota Corolla Cross, C-HR, Venza, RAV4, and Highlander can master modern adventures with dynamic versatility and daring designs. The Venza, RAV4, and Highlander also can explore your world with extra efficiency using available hybrid powertrains.
  • The Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Sequoia SUVs build on the typical Toyota advantages with truck-style frames for maximum towing and trail-riding capability in two- and three-row packages.
  • One of the country’s favorite small trucks, the midsize Toyota Tacoma is a tenacious performer that can tow, haul, and take to the dirt without missing a beat — and without sacrificing some of the brand’s best-loved premium amenities.
  • The Texas-built Toyota Tundra is a full-size truck for tackling bigger jobs with bolder style, brawnier muscle, and a fantastic array of first-class luxury features.
  • An affordable sports car specifically tuned for athletic driving, the Toyota GR86 boasts rear-wheel drive, a sleek and aggressive exterior, and an appetite for action.
  • You can push your limits even farther in the Toyota GR Supra, which was created in partnership with BMW for track-friendly thrills that have been thoroughly tested, honed, and perfected by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing team.
  • The Toyota Prius family is world-famous for hybrid efficiency and is at your service with the traditional Prius model, the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid, the versatile and roomy Prius v, and the city-sized Prius c.
  • The Toyota Sienna is the maximum minivan that can keep your whole crew moving forward with clever features such as a hybrid powertrain, all-wheel drive, hands-free side doors/liftgate, and in-cabin intercoms.
  • Nearly ideal alternatives to the brand’s SUVs, trucks, and minivans, used Toyota cars can be amazingly appealing in their own right. We especially like the Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Camry, and flagship Avalon, especially since the last trio is available with hybrid technology.


Today’s Toyota Motor Company was founded in 1937, but its origins go back to the 1920s when Sakichi Toyoda introduce the Model G — which was actually an automated loom for the Japanese textile industry. The Toyoda company — as it was then known — entered the auto industry with a Ford-based truck in the 1930s. The Toyoda AA sedan debuted in 1936 as the company’s first car, and the business’ name was changed to “Toyota” shortly after because it sounded better in the Japanese language.

Better and better sales numbers followed, inspiring Toyota to begin exporting cars to the United States in the late 1950s. And while it may seem surprising to today’s drivers, that first U.S.-bound Toyota, the Toyota Crown sedan, was enough of a failure that sales were suspended by 1960. After regrouping, the company got things right with the 1966 Toyota Corolla that became the best-selling car of all time. Indeed, Toyota’s U.S. sales topped the 1-million mark in 1970, with the company becoming this country’s top import auto brand only five years later. Now that’s a crown Toyota plans to keep wearing for a good long while!

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